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Obliging the unique mother request, he slammed into my ass filling me so fully that my orgasm began bubbling inside me after just a few strokes.

“Oh God, Michael, I love your cock in my ass,” I screamed. “Promise me you will never stop using Mommy.”

“That is one promise I know I can keep,” he laughed between deep hard thrusts.

He fucked me deep and hard for a while until my orgasm was inevitable.

“Oh yes, Michael, I looooooove yooooooou,” I screamed like the slut I was, as I came from being ass fucked from my son.

“I love you too, Mom,” he replied, even as he continued hammering away as my orgasm coursed through me.

Fill my ass with your cream, baby, I want to walk around all day with the constant reminder of you,” I said, the thought so nasty that another gush of pleasure pulsated through me.

“Fuck you are such a hot little slut, Mom,” he groaned.

“Just your slut, son,” I moaned back, as my ass began bouncing back on his cock, escort Lucile¬† ass clenching as I tried to milk his cock dry.

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